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Version 1.5 (2022-03-16)


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How to install

The installation procedure is the same as for any Lr plugin. There is a good guide here, and the method is the same - just different files.

Se further instructions on the plugin page

How to upgrade a previous installation

  1. Download and unzip the files to a location you can remember.
  2. In Lightroom, open Plugin Manager from the File menu.
  3. Find and click mk Smug Syncback in the list of Plugins.
  4. Click Update Plugin
  5. Navigate to the files you unzipped above and open the folders until you find the folder named SmugSyncback.lrplugin. Click on it and then click Select Folder.
  6. All done! (If all that fails, just replace the existing files with the ones you unzipped)

Release notes

Version 1.5 (2022-03-16)

Smug Syncback Release notes

Update notice:
Please ensure "Check for updates upon startup" is enabled in Plugin Manager and update when neccessary.

2022-03-12 Version 1.5
* Two new settings if you have many images out of sync:
* Sync page size (default 200 - limited by app memory)
* Commit each page separately (default ON - before: off)
* Fix error when album was empty.
* Log and display any error getting album image.
* Correct info on how to report any crash.

2019-03-07 Version 1.4
* Fix: It is now possible to sync 5000 changed photos shown in the interactive dialog without crashing LR. Changes are divided in pages of up to 200 photos in each and the changes are committed after the last page.
* API errors due to overloaded servers pause the sync operation letting you retry or abort.
* Any other API error during sync is displayed in a warning dialog and the operation is aborted.
* API error 401 Unauthorized has a very clear explanation of cause and remedy.
* API error 401 Unauthorized no longer automatically forgets credentials.

2018-03-31 Version 1.3 Beta
* Fix: Removed apparent sync limit of 100 photos per gallery. Maximum is now 5000. A very large number of photos or changes may however slow down your computer or even crash LR during sync.

2017-04-06 Version 1.2 Beta
* Fix: Keyword sync handles many more non-alphanumeric characters that differ between LR and SmugMug, such as "/".

2017-04-06 Version 1.1 Beta
* Feature: Bulk edit galleries. Opens selected SmugMug galleries and folders in bulk edit mode, where you can edit their Name, Url, Keywords and Description in an efficient manner with little delay. See File > Plugin Extras > Edit selected galleries.

2017-04-04 Version 1.0 Beta
* Feature: Keyword sync, much anticipated. Syncs added or removed keywords from SmugMug to LR (or the other way). A dialog gives you a preview and perfect control of the sync actions. See File, Plugin Extras, Synchronize keywords.
* Feature: Added "Synchronize all" command which syncs title, captions and keywords from SmugMug to Lightroom in one go.

2016-01-15 Version 0.6 Beta
* Removed version popup for Lightroom 6

2014-11-21 Version 0.5 Beta
* First public beta released.
* Feature: Update check in plugin manager.
* Feature: Option to automatically check for updates on startup.

2014-08-18 Version 0.4 Beta (private)
* Feature: Synchronise title along with caption from SmugMug photos back into Lightroom.

2014-06-05 Version 0.3 Beta (private)
* Feature: Synchronise caption from SmugMug photos back into Lightroom including a dialog showing all pending changes.

2014-05-20 Version 0.2 Beta (private)
* Feature: Authorize and Deauthorize the plugin with your SmugMug account.

More info can be found on the plugin homepage: